A light hand

Some nurses say that they have a good hand. Usually, this phrase means that the employee is well able to make injections. They are painless, and the patient after the procedure, there remains no trace. If you can't choose the sister you prick, watch what she does. If during the injection you feel strong pain or a burning sensation, tell the health worker. High probability that the needle hurt and the back wall of the vein.

Soak a cotton wool

After the injection, the nurse applies to the crook of the elbow of the patient with a cotton swab, asks him to bend the arm and hold it in this position for 10-15 minutes. Don't neglect this recommendation and do not throw away the cotton immediately after you notice that the bleeding has stopped. If you wait the allotted time, the hematoma at the injection site is not formed. Young children who find it hard to keep your hand steady, often impose tight bandage to avoid bruises.


If after the injection you have had a hematoma, it can be removed with an alcohol compress. Take a piece of gauze, wet it with vodka or alcohol diluted by half with water and apply to the bruise. Put on top of polyethylene, then a layer of cotton wool to avoid injury to the skin, then bandage the elbow. To wear a patch should be at least half an hour. If the first time the bruise has not passed, the procedure can be repeated on the following day.

Iodine grid

To remove the bruise will help a grid of iodine. Take a q-tip, soak the tip in iodine, and draw the crook of the elbow a few longitudinal and transverse bands. If desired, the treatment can be repeated, but it is not necessary to draw an iodine grid more than once per day.


With bruises do an excellent job ointments such as "Caffeine and heparin ointment. However, before you use the tool, make sure you are not allergic, apply a small amount of ointment on the crook of the elbow on the healthy hand. If you have redness or swelling, feel free to apply on the affected area.

In some cases it is necessary to consult a doctor

In most cases, hematoma after intravenous injections takes place independently, and you can only speed up the process. But sometimes it's still necessary to consult a doctor. You should consult a specialist if the bruise does not disappear, and if at the injection site form a seal, the affected area is swollen and red. This can be symptoms of abscess development due to the penetration into the wound microbes, so do not leave it unattended.