Medical warmer

Rubber hot water bottle filled with hot water. Then it is wrapped in several layers of cloth and apply to the sore spot. Contraindications to the use of heating pads is bleeding, acute pain in the abdomen, purulent processes.

There are also chemical heating pad. Different from rubber in that it does not have to be filled with water. In order to use it quite a few times promyat. It has a special chemical composition, which is heated independently. This warmer is very convenient to fishing or camping because it is lightweight and small in size.

Electric heating pad is very easy to use. Many prefer it because of the possibility to regulate and for a long time to keep temperature.

Salt warmer. Contains sodium acetate and the applicator. This applicator is a special solution, which is when bending comes into chemical reaction with the saline solution. For this purpose, the applicator must be bent. To use the heating pad again it is wrapped in tissue and placed for 15 minutes in boiling water. Salt warmer is used for warming of parts of the body, but also for heating equipment when working in the cold.

What to replace medical warmer?

The easiest way to warm the affected area, if not on hand warmers is to replace it with an ordinary plastic bottle filled with hot water. To avoid burns, you need to wrap the bottle in several layers of fabric. To pour very hot water, as the bottle begins to melt. The only negative is the small area warm.

It is possible to make a cloth pouch with salt. For this you need to heat it up and pour into the bag, evenly distributed there. This homemade heating pad retains heat for a long time. Instead of salt you can use sand.

Well warms the sore spot mustard. This therapeutic agent contains a powder of mustard seeds. The mechanism of action of mustard is the irritation of the mustard, which leads to increased blood flow, resulting in vasodilation. Mustard is used in bronchitis, pneumonia, osteochondrosis and pain in the muscles. Contraindications to the use of mustard plasters is damaged skin, Allergy to components, body temperature above 37 degrees.

You can use traditional medicine. For example, boil the potatoes, crush it and fill in a simple sock. If you need to warm up the nose, you can use boiled eggs, wrapped in several layers of tissue. As it cools down, each layer is removed.