Advice 1: How to dissolve hematoma

Hematoma is the consequence of contusion of the soft tissues in which there is hemorrhage into the surrounding tissue. The most dangerous hematomas, internal organs, accompanied by compression of the latter. Hematomas often cause dysfunction of the respective muscles, swelling, fever, and necessarily there is a change in colour from purple to yellow-green.
How to dissolve hematoma
You will need
  • - comfrey;
  • - visceral fat;
  • - wormwood;
  • - calendula;
  • - yarrow;
  • - celandine.
Effective means of resorption of hematoma when severe injury is an ointment based on comfrey. Take 100 grams of visceral fat, put on a slow fire and witopia it, filter it and add 50 grams of powdered root of comfrey. Put in a water bath or, even better, in the oven for 3 hours. Then leave for a day in a warm place to draw. RUB the resulting composition to the bruise 3-4 times a day for 2-3 minutes. The course of treatment depends on the condition of bruised tissues.
For the rapid resorption of hematomas is recommended alcohol tinctures of medicinal plants possessing anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerating effect. Fill half-liter jar to the shoulder crushed wormwood flowers and leaves of calendula, celandine at the ratio of 1:1:1, pour alcohol containing liquid not less than 40 degrees.
Leave for a week at room temperature and filtering the composition, can start rubbing hematoma according to drug. The procedure of rubbing bruises take 3-4 times a day. In the presence of this tool in the home, smudge them immediately after injury, as a rule, does not form the hematoma with a weak bruises or quickly resolves when severe soft tissue injuries.
Not taken timely measures to resorption of hematomas can cause the formation about the cyst in its place, traumatic aneurysm, infection with suppuration.
Useful advice
In uncomplicated bruising, you can apply a poultice with plantain leaves, burdock leaves, lilac, camphor oil lubrication, rubbing formic alcohol, or tincture of lilac.
The primary step for bruises is cold, which reduces bleeding, promoting rapid clotting of blood. Warm-up procedures at strong bruises only shown after 12 to 14 hours.

Advice 2 : What is hematoma

Any damage to vessels caused by their traumatic change or injury, can lead to the formation of hematoma – blood tumor. Around a connective tissue sheath through which it is impossible to reverse the suction of blood streamed. Over time it dissipates. However, in some cases removal surgical intervention is required.
What is hematoma

Depending on the localization of the hematoma is subcutaneous, intramuscular, intracranial. As – clotted, infected and festering. Hematoma is formed not at once, because coming from a damaged vessel blood more time remains fluid, and then coagulates. In the surrounding tissue starts to develop a reaction to this process, i.e. there is a kind of inflammation, resulting in the formation of the shell around accumulated blood, preventing its reverse absorption. Thus, there is a blood tumor.

To determine subcutaneous or intramuscular hematoma is not difficult because of its telltale signs are the formation of a hematoma, or bruise, redness, if the affected deep tissue), swelling, pain, local temperature rise, and sometimes a limitation. Hematoma of the internal organs and brain to determine somewhat more complicated, since the symptomatology has significant differences. Most often it is manifested by signs of compression of nearby organs that send alarm signals through strong pain and ill health. Install it for sure is possible only with the help of ultrasound (internal organs) and computed tomography (hemorrhage in the meninges).

Intracranial hematoma can increase in size for several days after the injury, it turns out the so-called traumatic acute subdural hematoma, in which bleeding occurs between the membranes of the brain. In this case, it is able to threaten the victim's life, so often to resolve using emergency methods.

In the treatment of newly formed subcutaneous hematoma use cold, and the next day resolving local heat treatments and strengthening blood vessels with vitamins and pharmaceuticals. Intramuscular hematomas require more prolonged use of physiotherapy, and abdominal - medical monitoring and a completely different treatment given exclusively by the specialist.

Advice 3 : How to treatment of large hematoma

Bruises appear due to the accumulation of blood which exits the blood vessels at the time of injury. Typically, the injury site is blue or red, as it passes becomes a bright brownish or greenish tint.
How to treatment of large hematoma
You will need
  • - medications;
  • - warming ointment;
  • - concoctions;
  • - alcohol;
  • - cold;
  • - dry heat.
Large hematoma should be treated under medical supervision, therefore, immediately after an injury, visit a surgeon. If the hospital is closed, contact the emergency room. After inspection, the specialist will prescribe optimally suitable treatment. Sometimes the accumulated blood removed surgically, but this should not scare you.
Take all prescribed medications, apply ointments and go to physiotherapy if the doctor gave the direction. To self-medicate large hematomas is highly undesirable, since the blood can't dissolve.
As you progress through the bruising is possible to resort to auxiliary measures, but this does not negate the primary treatment. Spend warming up bruised place an electric heating pad, hot water bottle or hot salt, wrapped in a thick cloth. In the first days after blow dry heat is contraindicated.
Also from the residual effects can be removed with warming ointments. You can use any balm that contains oil of eucalyptus or fir. RUB the sore spot several times a day.
Make a compress of concoctions. Grind 2-3 tablespoons of raw materials, add as much boiled water. Put the mass on the site of hematoma, top cover with cellophane and a towel. Lock and hold for a few hours.
Instead concoctions can use rubbing alcohol. They soak a rag and apply to the bruise, insulated plastic pouch. Keep 20-40 minutes, no more, otherwise the skin will become dry.
If after treatment the bruises you feel the seal in the place of injury, go immediately to the doctor. Often, after injury, appear tumors of the soft tissues.
Useful advice
Immediately after impact, quickly apply a cold compress: ice or at least a bottle of ice water. So you will be able either to avoid the appearance of bruises, or to reduce its area.
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