To lump sleep and reduce pain, use cool gadgets, which change as they heat. POI is the confluence of days from the date of injury, the necessity in cold lotions is eliminated. Now the damaged area can warm up. A warm compress will help relieve swelling and swelling, and, resorption of hematomas.
Help mask.
To prepare for the sealing mask: mix 0.5 tablespoons of St. John's wort tincture, one tablespoon of Hercules (ground), one tablespoon water, one tablespoon of olive oil and add ten drops of vitamins A and E. Apply the mask on place of injury for 10-15 minutes the Mask will reduce inflammation.In order to prepare an infusion of St. John's wort: take one teaspoon of the herb St. John's wort (dry) and pour a little boiling water.
Help cabbage leaf and mint.
Take a fresh cabbage leaf and attach it to the bruised spot for a few minutes. Similarly, use peppermint: apply to forehead, right on the cone, fresh mint leaves.
For headaches of various origin are encouraged to snort the dry powder medicinal letters or you can chew the bark of the roots of the prickly caper.
Help thyme.
Can get rid of the pain in the head, if will be applied to the forehead fresh leaves of the medicinal thyme. It is well known that a decoction of thyme, helps even with memory loss, if they just wet the head.At constant headaches in children: put into a linen bag a bundle of dried immortelle and make a pillow. The baby needs her sleep all night, then the grass, remove from the bag and cook. The decoction of water or wash your hair.
You can get rid of bumps on your forehead, using medications such as heparin ointment, troxerutin (this is the same caffeine, which is much cheaper), troxevasin gel lifeguard (absorbable cones).
Any of these tools spread on the bump, it will immediately stop hurting, and in a few days disappear altogether.