If the consequence of intramuscular injections was a sharp throbbing pain, raised body temperature, injection site turned red or started pronounced swelling, it is not necessary to wait for the beginning of an abscess, immediately contact your surgeon.
Often the bumps are formed due to the fact I used the wrong needle. Use the needles of the new generation, and put the medicine in slowly, then no adverse effects you are not afraid. If, however, a bump formed, use traditional methods of treatment. Even our grandmothers knew about the ability of the cabbage leaf to dissolve the bumps and remove the inflammation. Cabbage leaf need to nadsech with a knife in order to made the juice, and apply it to the injection site for the night. Oiled honey sheet will be even more effective.
To get rid of bumps after injections will help iodine mesh. Take a cotton swab, dip in solution of iodine and draw a "mesh" on the site of the injection. Once drawn, the grid will disappear, draw in its place a new.
You can use the mixture from a tablespoon of butter, flour, honey and egg yolk. Knead uncool dough and make a cake. At night tie a tortilla to the place of the seal. With the purpose warming wrap with cellophane affected area.
To seal it quickly dissolved, use a compress of vodka and Dimexidum. Dilute the solution to water in the ratio 1:4. First lubricate the skin with vaseline or cream, then place the compress.
The most effective drugs in case of formation of seals after the injections is considered "Caffeine", produced in the form of a gel. The drug has the ability to relieve swelling, to numb. Bumps and bruises disappear in a short time, because the drug, affecting capillaries, increases their resistance and reduces the permeability of blood vessels, simultaneously toning the smooth muscles of the venous walls. Moreover, the gel affordable.