Currently, there are three systems of payment for the fare. In the open system to pass on a paid site can pay a certain amount for the Assembly item that overlaps the main motion. When closed, the type of payment is made at the entrance to the toll section. Electronic payment system involves an automatic collection at the entrance or in a strategic area of the main road.

To drive on the toll road with an open system of charges, stop the car in various parts of the motorway where there are collection points.

To travel in a closed system payment will have to produce at the entrance. In some cases, the entry issue the ticket with the specified payment amount which you need to pay in cash at the check-out or charge half the amount when entering and the remainder at check out.

To drive on the toll road with an electronic system, paying the fare in the electronic machine. The second option is to install in the electronic vehicle transponder.

The most modern toll road – is the use of all three types of charges, for example, in the UK on bridges Seversky and Second Seversky. From Wales to England the movement is free, payment is only on the way back.

To make payments in cash or prepaid credit cards, electronic transfers.

In the Russian Federation the only road leading to the destination may not be paid. On newly constructed roads may charge small fees. But the motorist has the right to pass on a paid site or choose the alternative – the road that runs parallel.

In addition, the fee may be charged on the reconstructed sections of the old highway. For this reason, many motorists protested, because all the old highways are already funded through annual payments of the transport tax.