Advice 1: For directions to red square

Only Muscovites can afford the phrase "Live in Moscow 30 years, never was on the red Square". Guests of the capital to start your walking and driving routes from here.
Red Square
There are two ways to get to the red Square in Moscow - public transport and by private car.

How to get to red square by public transport

With a quick and affordable option - the Moscow metro. Depending on where you left off in Moscow, choose the nearest metro line in advance and view the itinerary. Be sure to buy a metro map or download a smartphone app. One of the best free apps is Yandex.Subway".

You need a metro station located around the Kremlin and red Square:

- Borovitskaya (grey line);
- Aleksandrovsky Sad (light blue line);
- "Library. Lenina (red line);
- "Okhotny Ryad" (red line);
- "Teatralnaya" (green line);
- "Ploshchad Revolutsii (blue line).

The closest to red Square will be metro station: "Ploschad Revolutsii", "Okhotny Ryad" and "Alexandrovsky Garden".

For those who don't like noisy subway cars there are a number of surface transit routes. Generally, stops are located opposite the entrance to the subway called the same names.

Stop "Teatralnaya Square"
- Buses: K, 12C, H2, H1;
- Trolley buses: 2, 12, 33.

Stop "metro Okhotny Ryad"
- Buses: 12C, H1;
- Trolley buses: 1, 12.

Stop "metro Aleksandrovsky Sad"
- Buses: K, 12C, N1, N2, 6;
- Trolleybuses: 1,2,12,33, 44.

Closest to the red Square stop of buses and trolleybuses, which is not near the subway, called "Red square". Here is the route of the bus №25 and a trolley bus №8.

How to get to red square by private car

Drive by private car to the red Square will only moss street. This is a one-way road, the entrance to which can be done with the Big Yakimanka, or the Kremlin embankment. There are also T-shaped intersections with streets: Znamenka, Bolshaya Nikitskaya and Tverskaya. All the other congresses on the street of moss are after the red Square.

The most interesting section, where the road passes St. Basil's Cathedral, directly on the cobblestones of red Square, is the street Ilyinka. Unfortunately, there is always a patrol car is on duty, traffic police, which will not let you stop even for a few seconds. But the view deserves the extra kilometers around the Kremlin.

It should be noted that the difficulty of visiting the sights of the capital is not how to get to red Square in Moscow. You should know that Parking in the city centre, things are very sad. Most likely, Parking will be far away from the area and not free.

Advice 2: How to get to Matrona of Moscow

Holy blessed Matrona of Moscow widely known to believers as a speedy helper and intercessor in sorrows and everyday problems. Thousands of people daily visit the Pokrovsky monastery in Moscow, where the relics and the miraculous icon of the blessed Staritsa.
Holy Blessed Eldress Matrona Of Moscow
Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery is situated in Moscow, on Taganskaya street, house 58, close to several metro stations - Marxist, Taganskaya, Proletarskaya, Krestyanskaya Zastava, Ploshchad Ilyicha and Rimskaya. The monastery takes visitors on a daily basis, Friday to Saturday from 7.00 to 20.00, Sunday from 6.00 to 20.00. Please note that after 20.00 the monastery operates only on output, and to enter the territory anymore, but you can be on-site to wait for their turn to the icon or the relics of Saint Matrona.
Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery
If you are coming from out of town, after arrival to Moscow you need to take any metro and reach the station of the Marxist Kalininskaya (yellow) line. You can also drive to the Taganskaya metro station and take the train station Marxist. At the station the Marxist one exit to the city. Go up the escalator and after exiting the door turn left, then turn right and climb the stairs on Taganskaya street. Next, you can reach the monastery on foot or by public transport.
To get to the Pokrovsky monastery on foot from the metro station Marxist, Taganskaya go along the street to the house 58. On the right side you will see a large red brick wall, this is the Pokrovsky monastery. The walk will take 10-15 minutes. To get on the transport, sit at the bus stop at the underground Marxist on a trolley bus No. 16, 26, 63, 63к bus number 316м or bus No. 51, 74, 106. Get off at the stop "Bolshaya andronevskaya street - Pokrovskiy nunnery", is the second stop from the metro Marxist.
Shrine with relics of St. Matrona
Another option is to drive to the Pokrovsky monastery from the metro station Proletarskaya. From the subway exit on the 3rd Krutitsky lane. You need to cross the area of Peasant Outposts and to go on Abelmanovskaya the street. On the left you will see the red brick wall of Pokrovsky monastery. Also the monastery can be reached by public transport. Near the metro station take tram No. 12, 20, 43 and go to stop "Abelmanovskaya Zastava". Then go back about a minute along the road to the intersection with ulitsa Taganskaya. There you will see the Pokrovsky monastery.
From the metro station Ploshchad Ilyicha get to the monastery by tram No. 46 or 38, the drive to the bus stop "Abelmanovskaya Zastava", the second stop from the metro Area Ilyich. Also from the monastery you can walk parallel to the tram tracks, it will take you 10-15 minutes.

Advice 3: How to get to Baltima

In Yekaterinburg, enough places for recreation, including parks and gardens. But there is a pond where you could swim or fish. More precisely, several lakes and ponds within the city limits are — for example, VISAS and Shartash. Alas, to swim and fish here are really that suicidal, so those dirty and dangerous for health. Salvation from the summer heat to Yekaterinburg are only located a few dozen kilometers from the city of lake Tavatuy and Baltym. Unless, of course, to know how and what to reach them.
Lake Baltym is one of the favorite places of rest of citizens near the city

Egypt or the Ural?

Start looking for settlement called Baltym not only in different regions and countries and on different continents. One of them, the city is in the African Egypt. The second village, and with it the lake — in the Sverdlovsk region of the Urals Federal district. Or rather, 27 kilometers North of the capital of the region — Yekaterinburg, on the territory of municipal formation of Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

Verkhnyaya Pyshma, which is a satellite city of Yekaterinburg, famous for one of the country's largest metallurgical plant, Russia's strongest team in table tennis, Museum of military equipment under the open sky, and finally the picturesque lake Baltym, with its many resorts and beaches. In summer, that is, nowhere to Apple to fall. How, in fact, on the beaches of Egypt.

According to experts of Department of water protection, depth Baltimo located in the basin of the river Pyshma, reaches five and a half meters, its length is four kilometers and a width of about three km, and the Main catch of fishermen are carp, bream, perch and pike. Chosen Baltym and athletes from the local yacht club conducting the water area of the lake is a traditional sailing regatta.

Public transport

The main disadvantage of rest of the townspeople at Baltym, as on all other waters outside of Yekaterinburg, is the lack of a large number of possible types of transport. Yes, they are, in fact, only two municipal buses and private/office cars. Of course, if you don't count taxis and bicycles.

Buses which can take you almost to the lake, go to the square before the railway station of Yekaterinburg and several stops adjacent to the Top Pyshma the Ordzhonikidzevsky district of the city. The last thing the travelers are called short — "Uralmash". In particular, the bus no. 103 will take you from the cinema "dawn" or metro station "Uralmash" to the villages of Cedar and Half, No. 104 — to the village of Krasnoye, where to Baltima just 15 minutes walk leisurely pace. But it is best to sit at the Pedagogical University on the bus No. 161 and get to the village of Sanatorium.

As for the bus from railway square through the village Baltym, you need to get to the 18-th kilometer. While alighting, turn left and go three kilometres to the South shore of the lake. Another option is a trip to Nizhny Tagil. Only bus you must get off at the tenth kilometer of the highway and also go to the South shore three miles.


Ural seasoned campers suggest two possible route options from Yekaterinburg to Baltym. The first of these involves a trip to Strategicheskomu the highway through the lake to the village and landmark in the form of standing alone near the road two story white house. After the house you can see a few less than comfortable roads, each of which leads directly to the lake and parks. The downside for drivers with passengers and a plus for the environment and the lake is to drive to Baltimo closer than 300 meters is impossible, he is surrounded by special barriers.

The second option — a trip through the Upper Pyshma on Serovskiy tract from the village Sanatorium. After which you turn right and is free to travel directly to nothing protected in this place the lake.
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