You will need
  • smartphone with Internet access;
  • - fare operator with unlimited traffic;
  • - navigation application for a smartphone, indicating the traffic situation;
  • - the DVR.
To choose the time of year and the day of arrival

Summer Moscow roads become more balanced, with the onset of the holiday season. And the most attractive days for the trip, this new year's holiday and may holidays. If you have the opportunity, then first of all give preference to public holidays and weekends.
To choose the time of day for the trip to Moscow

At any time of the year you are guaranteed to get into the traffic jam at the entrance to Moscow from 7:00 to 9:00. If it's not a holiday or weekend, the best time to enter is 11 am. The reverse flow of transport starts around 18:00 and is dissipated from 21:00. In the summer, do not risk to visit Moscow on Sunday evening. From lunchtime on, the roads are filled with vacationers who return home and are stuck in traffic until late at night. The same situation on the outskirts of Moscow takes place every Friday and Saturday only in the morning.
To choose a path to follow

If you have the opportunity to choose between the directions, it is better to move on the least busy road, avoiding the chance to catch the tube in Moscow already at the entrance:
in the North - updated Leningradskoe shosse;
- in the West - reconstructed Riga highway;
in the South - Warsaw highway;
in the East the workload is about the same.
Transport interchange at the MKAD are working at the limits of their capabilities. Don't get upset when the dead of night will meet traffic on the Warsaw highway. And this is possible if there is road repair or an accident happened.
Download Navigator with traffic

For smartphone there are many apps navigating the roads of the country. Some of them is able to connect to the services, controlling the traffic situation. How not to get in the traffic jams in Moscow, will prompt anyone Navigator for a smartphone with Internet access. The most common and convenient application:
Yandex Navigator;
- Google Maps;
- Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps;
- MapFactor: GPS Navigation;
- Maverick: GPS Navigation;
- Cityguide for iPhone.
In addition to clusters of machines, these apps will show the road traffic police ambushes, the location of speed cameras and road works on the route.
To use car DVR

As a precaution, especially drivers who are single, we recommend the use of the Registrar. The flux density on the roads of the capital is high, the chance to beat the traffic in Moscow is always there. And when people stand for long, not at all stand the nerves. Someone does not behave quite adequately, adjusts and cuts, in such a situation close to accident. In this case, it is better to have an extra witness.