About the fluids of love were heard by many, but the mechanism of their action, and what that is who knows little. The first time this term entered the German physician, astrologer Friedrich Anton Mesmer. He studied the properties of magnets and their interaction with living beings. In his works he talked about "animal magnetism". According to his theory, the human body is a huge magnet, which circulate fluids. With the appearance of disease in any organ of the fluid flow is disturbed. In that time, the ideas of the scientist were not recognized, after which he was forced to flee to France. But his teaching gave a powerful impetus to the emergence of hypnotism, and magnet therapy, and some others. Theory and is still considered unproven, but it is very closely intertwined with the ancient Chinese teachings of the circulation in the human body energy "Qi".

The fluids of love in the understanding of modern man

It is believed that this intangible "influences" coming from the Aramaic words of Jesus. When such waves are intertwined in the space, occurs or rejection, or sympathy. This bioenergetic effect produces an inexplicable effect on others. Today it is increasingly possible to hear from scientists about the "mental currents". In the information system they have a scientific explanation. Experts believe that mental activity is determined by a number of laws of interaction of matter and energy.

Fluids as the basis of sexual desire

The ethologists have proven that many animals use for communication secrets of sexual glands. They are also required to refer to their own borders and attract a partner for mating. According to this theory, every person has its own smell, which is formed by secret, substances, components of sweat. This fragrance contains pheromones that are attractive to some people and unpleasant for others. It was under their influence there is a feeling of love, sexual desire. With the development of relations with someone of the opposite sex, the vibes of love start to increase in number. That is why during love women begin to notice the mind of other men.

Please note that the exchange of fluids around us. This process by its speed much faster than the emergence of a particular thought. The more a person is in love, the more powerful the ejection of the fluids of love, the more begins to produce pheromones.
Thus, the signals of love have a material basis, which is due to biochemical processes.