Write to your beloved how much you miss him and looking forward to it. Here's an interesting message for this occasion: "Someone really does not do this, someone once a month, a week. And I do it all the time and even now – I miss you!".
Let's say your man has a birthday today and you want to please him even before he came home and the gala dinner. Use one of the SMS services. You will thus be able not only to send a interesting text message, but music wish. It will certainly be a pleasant surprise.
In the end, not necessarily to look for a reason to write SMS your favorite guy. Express admiration for his endurance and strength by writing, for example, the following lines: "When you are near, I do not notice anything around. You only admire and are proud of. There is no one better I know it!". Or here's another: "you think, poignant, and beautiful you are. You are unique, brilliant, sexy! Yes, it is, but you're not conceited – I love and smile more often!".
Write your man something funny, using, again, one of the SMS services call the guy a kind smile. It will definitely brighten its gray workdays and lift your spirits. Here is a message to your chosen one will surely enjoy: "I wanted to send something fantastically beautiful, fantastically erotic, sensual, infinitely funny and clever. But, unfortunately, I do not fit on the screen...".
As an option you can write and the more explicit the message is fascinating and intriguing. Make him fly to you on wings of love. To do this, write him a stimulating message when he go home from work, and your man will not linger on the road after a few minutes he would stand at the door. And the SMS text can be something like this: "I just got out of the shower. Transparent drops of water caress my skin. What a pity that this is not your gentle hands!".