If you failed to find out who is sending you messages from an anonymous number, you can write SMS to the sender to try to find out the reasons its such a daring action. And best of all go to the office to the mobile operator. Their specialists possess the knowledge and technology to find out the real number and the address of the attacker. Bring your passport and documents to the tariff plan you use. Next, you will see a statement to the police that the relevant authorities took the necessary measures and according to the law punish the attacker. Then after all the troubles you will be able to write SMS to a loved one at any time, without fear that you will prevent the annoying SMS sent from an unknown number.
Remember that sending SMS to unknown or anonymous telephone number in danger of leaving significant amounts of money from your account. Thus, many scammers prey on naive and unsuspecting citizens. Be very careful and cautious when reading an unknown message. And think a hundred times before going to answer it.
At the moment, many mobile operators are taking all possible measures to minimize the possibility of sending SMS from an anonymous number. Unfortunately, criminals use the Internet when sending such texts. So they are very difficult to track. This creates an additional problem for law enforcement in the capture and arrest offenders. To avoid surprises and hassles, use only high-quality and proven antivirus program. And then you do not damage the firmware of your mobile phone.
Buy phones from leading manufacturers. They are well protected from not authorized access. With their help you can easily write SMS to Russia or any other country without any problems. Maintain SMS correspondence only with familiar and proven phone numbers, and then you will be able to avoid many problems.