If you live on the top floor, and the window in full bloom fragrant may, and the sun is so appealing, attracts and warms with its rays, enjoy a romantic evening on the balcony. If you have a rocking chair, - great, if not – you can sit comfortably on soft pillows on the floor. Seeing the sun and watching the sunset, you can enjoy a Cup of hot chocolate, and if the wind blows, wrap yourself in a rug and dream about the future.
If your young person is a lover of books and crosswords, give him intellectual of a romantic evening. Decorate the room with printed out quotes from the best books about love, make a collage of your joint photos, and for dessert, serve a crossword puzzle, which will be the encrypted key moments of your relationship: a month of meetings, affectionate nicknames, favorite color. And maybe this evening you will begin together to write a book about your love?
Let your house in the evening will turn into some saloon or cafe. Meet him dressed as a waitress, and say that in your cafe "heart in Love" a table for two, spend it in a room and serve a nice light snack. While he eats, you can quickly change the room and give a loved one a nice surprise. It is also possible to turn the apartment into a club – competitions on Darts, or ring toss for the sports lover exactly like you, and the neighbors are not disturbed.
Invite a young person to the place where you draw strength and inspiration, relax the soul. Let him feel the beauty and power of this place, and you will tell him how hard love is and how important it is for you that he's always been there. You can remember the good stories from the past or to share with each other secrets.
View with him his favorite football championship or a movie. Dinner, by the way, should be appropriate. Chicken, chips and beer it is then that we appreciate, but watching "Transformers" and there's a strawberry – hardly. And do not grumble about the senselessness of the plot or the bad players, try to look at them through the eyes of a loved one, and then the young man will appreciate your efforts and the evening will be smooth and fun.