A good correspondence with the guy

Start your correspondence with well-posed problem. A well-chosen question is the key to a successful start. This way you will show a guy your interested in him. Unlike long love letter, the issue is brevity and simplicity. This is what is loved by many men.

A good question should be:
a) simple, without a philosophical sense;
b) open that requires a detailed answer (for example, "what time will you be home?", and "What you gonna do when you get home?");
in) direct.

Guys often appreciate clear questions without any hints. Besides the hints not everyone is able to understand.

Be original and interesting. To do this, try to laugh, showing wit. In response to a joke in no case do not write the standard "ahahaha". Try to fend off in response. In addition, you can start a conversation with a funny observation or interesting news. Show him your attitude to life, how fun to spend the weekends and what have Hobbies. Find out what you have common interests. Be positive and mischievous. Otherwise, dialogue can turn out boring and bland.

Be Flirty. Flirting is one of the main manifestations of the fact that the person you care about. However, it is very important not to "overreact." Flirting, you can:
- tease the guy;
- use of winking emoticons and double-digit hints. So you gently let him know that you want him to go on a date.

Time to finish correspondence. This step is very important, because if the conversation is long delayed, the guy may lose interest in you. Here are the main signs to end a conversation:
- quick answers from the guy, "Yes", "no";
- the guy doesn't ask you questions and raises new topics for dialogue;
- you have a hard time coming up with the topic to continue conversation.

At the end of the correspondence with the guy to be left open for the topic to make it easy to return to it, or intrigued in some exciting upcoming event. You can also write about your desire to meet or to continue communication.

Mistakes that should be avoided in correspondence with a guy

Do not email the guy a few messages in a row. Wait for the first reply. Do not reply to his messages too quickly. Observe the pause.

Don't send him a question mark or write "Hello, are you here?" if it does not respond. Never ask a question the answer to which is obvious, for example: "did You get my message?" Do not continue the dialogue if it is just dry answer to your questions and does not show you any interest.

Don't reveal all your strengths and do not write him about his strong feelings. All the time, and to talk about love should be a personal conversation. Don't send him pictures of an intimate nature. This is one of the most stupid, but common mistakes.

Don't be afraid to write first. After all, who does not risk, will never know the taste of victory. Believe in yourself, be yourself and be happy!