Morning able to set the mood for the rest of the day. The guy will be pleased to receive a message wishing me a good day. If you are aware of the events of a young man, mention them in the text. For example, the guy is going to pass the exam and worry about this. Correct the situation, to cheer him this message: "I believe in you, you will definitely pass the exam. Good luck to you! No fluff, no pen!"
In the message try to contact the young person by name. Avoid platitudes, calling a guy in a free kitten or Bunny.
In the morning the guy will be pleased to read, that the day promises to be successful, according to experts. Use options such as: "it is summer! Today at the warm weather outside!" or " I Heard your horoscope. You today looks forward to the successful completion of all planned Affairs. Have a good day!".
With caution add compliments. The main thing - sense of proportion, be wary to praise the guy. Option for messages using discreet compliment: "cool Today, but I'm sure your smile will make the weather warmer".
Try to create intrigue and try to write the original message. Avoid formulaic greetings such as "Good morning!". The guy will not leave indifferent a message such as: "I saw you in a dream. Woke up in a good mood, I wish you the same!".