The guy realized that the poem is your work, use special words that are important for the two of you. For example, it can be affectionate nicknames or epithets for the description of the character and appearance of youth. The poem should be addressed to your beloved.
Share your love and affection in verse form. The work must be long, the guy is not tired to read it. Perfect quatrains or verses a little bigger.
Try to write philosophical verse graceful, like a Japanese haiku. These works, and romantic, and mysterious, and intelligent. Haiku highlights is what you want to focus. For example, sing the eyes, the lips, the shoulders of the beloved.
It does not matter if you fail to exactly follow all the rules of writing poetry. When the quatrain is written with sincere feeling, it can't be bad. These lines you open your heart to the beloved, so he will be moved anyway.
A timid ray of light sneaking through the pillow
Spark of gold in your hair.
Love is not extinguished.
Gift wrapped in shiny paper waiting for you.
The package did not contain all my tenderness to you.
Take it!
Show all the facets of your talent, write different poems. Suitable childish, cute rhyme:
I love your smile.
I love your eyes!
Get my card
And a gift for you.
Summon nature's beauty, diversity and uniqueness, to Express your love for the guy.
Caressing me the power of wind, you gently touch his cheeks,
The sun warmed my shoulders – your kisses light,
Washed away all the sadness of the rain spring and see the eyes I am yours,
Gives a flower scents – you are my joy breathe!
Think of poems with a sequel that will be your secret game with her lover.
This is my first gift,
You quickly open it,
Strictly follow you around the map
And find a second gift!