If you can't wait to see you or are embarrassed to talk about it, looking into his eyes, write the guy a letter. Today, almost everyone has email or account on a social network, through which it will be convenient to contact. But if you are in different cities and your meeting may not happen soon, you can send a young person a real paper letter, selecting for him the best paper, using a fountain pen and a sprinkle sheet of your toilet water, which is like the boyfriend. Imagine yourself Tatiana writing a letter to Eugene Onegin or any other cute character and Express in writing all the sadness that you are experiencing away from a loved one, and hope to see you soon.


Nice, being at work is immersed in his business, upsetting because of the reprimand of the chief or angry at colleagues who somewhere took a jar of coffee, look for a moment into a mobile phone and see a message from a loved one. Periodically write the young man a text that I miss and look forward to when you finally get to see and hug him. While not be Intrusive – don't want to submit a short dozens of similar emails every day. SMS is convenient because people will be able to view it at a convenient time. Such a letter will not distract from work and will be a pleasant surprise.

Phone call

Call the young man in the evening and tell us how you missed it. Whispering sweet nothings interspersed with a story about how was your day today, try to tell the kid a bedtime story. Together come up with plans on how you spend time when you finally get to see: where to go for a walk, in what cafe go to eat, at what stadium skate, what movie should we go see a movie. Such conversations will help you to wait for Dating.

Personal conversation

The long-awaited moment has arrived, and you met the guy missed. Tightly hug him and her face buried in the collar of his shirt, tell us how bad you were without him, how lonely and long seemed the nights spent together, I did not want to get out of bed and even favorite croissants with coffee is not uplifting. A young man who feels for you the same way myself, will be delighted to hear such recognition, and certainly I'll try not to keep you long.