Do not use ready-made lists from the Internet. The meaning of this message – to show your feelings and thoughts, not copy someone else's. Therefore, you can use such lists solely as inspiration. Or choose a phrase that coincides with your relationship and need to rewrite the paragraph in your own words.

Much depends on the design list. You can just whisper it in my ear a gentle message. But if it's an anniversary gift – make it so that you can reread every year. In the form of cards, rolled paper Bank notes around the house and in his clothes. You can send SMS messages on the phone all day and in the evening to give a full list of recognitions.

The style of narration. Follow the entire list in the same style: playful, sensual or each item begins with the phrase "I love you..." and then specify the reason. Preferably each item to be brief – one sentence.

What are 100 reasons to write a guy that you love him?

Epithets about the man she loved. You can start with what you value in your man. It is desirable to write not just a "sense of humor", and "I love you, because you can always make me laugh". List all the qualities that you love it and appreciate.

What do you feel around him. "I love you because with you I feel protected." "I feel happy because no one can love me more than you". "I love you for feeling immense happiness that covers me".

For his achievements and exploits. Remember all those wonderful things he ever did for you. Breakfast in bed, original Dating, gifts with or without.
Not praise for everyday things, like taking out the garbage.

Use humor to come up with original reasons. Not necessarily used just for serious things, make him smile when reading. Remember funny stories from your relationship or beat with a humor of its quality.

What should not be?

Comparisons with other men. It is not appropriate to write that he's a better kisser than your ex-boyfriend. Or the prettiest of all your friends. This list should include only the two of you and, if applicable, your children.
You can compare your beloved with only one man – your son.

The list should be reasons that do not fit the situation. This often happens if you copy other people's lists. For example, if the list says "for the eyes the color of the sea", and the guy has brown eyes. A similar situation could apply to other things – character, Constitution, habits and characteristics of your relationship.