Decide on the style. In many respects it depends on you, type of the elect and of the existing relationship.
All men are different, so the style of the message for a specific person can be totally different.
It's difficult to conceive romantically tuned young man you wrote sharp or rough-passionate text. He just does not understand. But the quivering sighs of sensual soul will appreciate. Romance you can also send poems, make a beautiful collage of your joint photos to convey a note with the imprint of your lips.
The opposite of romance - reliant a man who will not play cat and mouse and will bring all the communication outside of real life to a minimum. Your romantic letters on the two pages he couldn't read to the end. Write to him specifically and to the point: waiting for you in our delightful nest. Because he appreciates, first of all, you as a woman (mistress, mistress, the mother of the children).
Smiley will not understand serious and sincere words, moving everything into a joke than it might hurt your feelings. Better come up with a creative story that happened to you today, and ask my uncle to buy you ice cream as soon as possible.
Figure out how to make my beloved saw your message.
The easiest way is SMS. The limited volume of the window is impossible to write a lot, and that message, at first glance, it seems impersonal. However, it is realistic to think of and romantic, and astonishingly realistic text using a different font, smileys, signs and figures. The message will display your personality.
Romantic nature would rather send a letter, perfumed and written by hand, via courier service. Drip melted wax on the edge of the message, wrapped in a tube, so that the masterpiece was Packed, and upload a "carrier pigeon" through friends.
Paint under the window favorite usually output messages men. But if you have the desire to do something unusual, attach near the door to the apartment of a young man huge poster with words or pictures that display your feelings.
Social networking is a good way of communication. If you can't Express everything that had accumulated in my soul, give to your beloved. Send virtual gifts, greeting cards, jokes, great songs, good video. Attention – a sign that you want to communicate, and consequently, I missed him.
Just write what you missed. Sometimes you don't need nothing but these simple words.