Bedtime story

A mean adults are children in soul. Write your girl a fairy tale. Of course, it could be a retelling of the famous and favorite your story, but aerobatics will be the tales you personally. The plot can be any. Describe the adventures of the Princess, who went for a walk in the woods. As usually happens in such situations, it can attack the robbers, or the evil witch will put their charms, but in the end must be a miracle. However, it is not necessary to dwell on the classics. Your character could easily have an extra pair of hands and green skin color, to travel on a space ship and save the entire planet. Writing your story, don't forget to take into account the literary passions girls.
If you intend to build a serious relationship with a girl, the ability to tell stories can become you plus this, because then you will be able to entertain in this way and children.


The night is incredibly romantic time of the day. Sleeping city is quiet, the streets scurrying passers-by, occasionally will be a belated passer-by, the city blossoms with millions of lights in the sky and visible stars. There comes a time to tell each other the nicest. Write to the girl, what feelings it evokes in you that you especially like. The more details the better. Feel free to write in detail. What beautiful eyes your beloved, how you inspired her desire to study and admire the ability to remain optimistic even in difficult times. Even after you and the lady wish each other Goodnight and go to bed, the girl did not just read lines you wrote to her. And dreams she will surely be nice to see.
Do not stoop to flattery – in the relationship is important sincerity, and you will definitely and without exaggeration you will find a lot of traits that you like in a girl.

Some like it hot

The night is also a time of passion. And even if you do not lie together now, arm in arm, nothing prevents you to imagine it. Tell the girl about how you want to be near her, to run his hand through her hair , to kiss her firmly pressed to him. Or describe what you plan to do with your sweetheart when you finally go it alone. Most likely, your young lady expect some very exciting dreams.