First, you need to select the appropriate paper size, and color of the writing element. The paper should be of medium density, at the time of writing there was no tearing of pages and seepage of ink. Does not have to issue a letter with lots of flowers and hearts, especially if the letter meant a serious man. Usually, this kind of childishness they are very annoying.
The first sentence in the letter to your loved one is a greeting and a personal appeal to him. It all depends on the imagination and personal relations of the author and the addressee. Of course, it is wiser to refer to the man as he loves most. Treatment should not be dry and formal ("Dear Michael"), it is better to write in a more soft and friendly form ("Dear mishenka").
Next, you need to tell the person about how much he needed and loved the feelings overwhelm your soul, what advantages and actions most prized in him. The phrase should not be General and neutral. Much better to give specific examples, which occurred between the author and the recipient (or their lives). In addition, you can write several lines about love in poetic form, for example, the verse of his favorite poet.
At the end of the letter, it is advisable to briefly Express my feelings. The most common variant is the phrase "I love you", which indicates the presence of strong and sincere feelings. Usually, a girl is not always in the eyes to say the important words of love, so write a letter to her much easier.