Advice 1: Who should write first: guy or girl

In the last communication with people become very common to use a social network and normal SMS messages. However, about who should write first, there is a lot of debate.
Who should write first: guy or girl

Why the guy should write first?

According to existing stereotypes, the guy should always be the first to take the initiative of communication. It used to be that girl who first writes the man who is frivolous and Intrusive, so ladies looking forward to the first step away from his beloved.

If the guy really liked the member of the opposite sex, he must tell her, otherwise it risks to miss the chance. Even the denial that he can get in response, is not as painful as men's cowardice. Just imagine that you don't decide to strike up a dialogue with you like a girl, and then you will think that happiness was almost in your hands, and you blew it.

Why the girl can also write first?

All the stereotypes about who should write the first has long been obsolete. Psychologically, girls are more brave and strong than guys, so they can easily take the initiative yourself and start communicating with the person.

Even if a woman draws a man by his appearance, he is unlikely to ignore her message, as it will interest her courage. And then, after talking with the opposite sex a little longer, the girl will get the chance to show him my mental data, high level of intelligence and other positive qualities.

Some girls prefer to avoid taking initiative, afraid to seem Intrusive. However, you must remember that your message won't be regarded negatively. Men, on the contrary, I love bold women.

In addition, women can refuse to communicate with a guy just to intrigue him. It would seem that more recently, they spent nice time on the first date, and then the girl disappears, and initially she was giving the guy to understand what interested them. This behavior, of course, permissible, but in a way girls are at risk to ignore the response from the guy.

Remember one thing: if you liked someone, you don't have to concern myself with what is right and what is not. Do what you want. If you miss someone, tell him about it. If you want to meet, invite. If you need any help, ask. Remember that life is too short and unpredictable, so another chance you may not be.

Advice 2: How to be a kid?

No specific list, how to be a kid. Each girl selects her ideal man, based on their preferences and habits. One likes the seriousness and discretion, the other does not see the beloved without a sense of humor. But there are traits of character which he must possess in order to be a good husband and father.
How to be a kid?

Achievements and habits

Stable earnings. Young students can't afford to drive a girl on a date to the Park. But when a grown 25-year-old guy continues to skimp on the favorite, you should think about your future. It is not the commercialism, and the ability to provide for his family at least the minimum.

After 20 years the guy has to imagine what he wants from life and how to achieve it. When the young man lives one day and not think about the future, it starts to degrade. It is difficult to meet and plan their family life with a person for whom there is only today.

A man should be able to protect his girlfriend from bullies and attacks. You will need physical strength. Do not have to be an athlete or a pumped up bully, but to stand up for your favorite.

Guy with a strong character is valued among girls. The only way he can overcome all difficulties in life, to protect his family from the problems and misery. For such a person women will feel like behind a stone wall.

The absence or small number of bad habits. To drink a bit on holiday it is permissible. But if a man can't imagine a Friday without alcohol or smokes several packs a day, think about your future. You and your children will have to live in an unhealthy environment, so stay away from men with addictions.


Reliability is a very important trait in a man. The girl should know that can rely on your partner. When you need help he will provide, and will not leave in the phone "I'm busy." It also implies that the guy knows how to keep his word and fulfills promises.

Caring man – the dream of many women. Among their friends and at work it can be tough and domineering, but at home he cares for his girlfriend. Gifts, home help, sympathy or elementary to nurse during his illness. Such small things are much more than buzzwords and promises.

With a sense of humor. Girls love men who can make them laugh. With the help of a good joke to break the ice during an argument, to solve many problems in the relationship. To live with a cheerful and optimistic guy, much nicer than gloomy and serious.

The ability to quickly and effectively make decisions. Girls for advice turn to your man. But if he can't deal with the problem, she will look for help elsewhere or to rely on their own strength. Therefore, it is desirable that the guy was with a lively mind and was able to solve life's troubles.

But the most important rule – the guy must be loved. Because there is no perfect man who meets all the listed characteristics will not be satisfied, if you don't like it. Any little thing will irritate, and all the dignity to look fake.
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