Why the guy should write first?

According to existing stereotypes, the guy should always be the first to take the initiative of communication. It used to be that girl who first writes the man who is frivolous and Intrusive, so ladies looking forward to the first step away from his beloved.

If the guy really liked the member of the opposite sex, he must tell her, otherwise it risks to miss the chance. Even the denial that he can get in response, is not as painful as men's cowardice. Just imagine that you don't decide to strike up a dialogue with you like a girl, and then you will think that happiness was almost in your hands, and you blew it.

Why the girl can also write first?

All the stereotypes about who should write the first has long been obsolete. Psychologically, girls are more brave and strong than guys, so they can easily take the initiative yourself and start communicating with the person.

Even if a woman draws a man by his appearance, he is unlikely to ignore her message, as it will interest her courage. And then, after talking with the opposite sex a little longer, the girl will get the chance to show him my mental data, high level of intelligence and other positive qualities.

Some girls prefer to avoid taking initiative, afraid to seem Intrusive. However, you must remember that your message won't be regarded negatively. Men, on the contrary, I love bold women.

In addition, women can refuse to communicate with a guy just to intrigue him. It would seem that more recently, they spent nice time on the first date, and then the girl disappears, and initially she was giving the guy to understand what interested them. This behavior, of course, permissible, but in a way girls are at risk to ignore the response from the guy.

Remember one thing: if you liked someone, you don't have to concern myself with what is right and what is not. Do what you want. If you miss someone, tell him about it. If you want to meet, invite. If you need any help, ask. Remember that life is too short and unpredictable, so another chance you may not be.