You will need
  • The Sberbank card, passport; the connected service "Mobile Bank"
The most common way to learn the balance of the card is to walk to any ATM or Bank branch. Just insert the card into the ATM. Device predit to enter a pin code of your card. After entering, select on the display the ATM transaction type: "card Balance".
Then check the type of issue you details of the balancee: printout or display of the ATM. Confirm one of these elections. Take out your ATM card and check or read information from the screen.
When checking Bank card in the Bank the current balance to find out even easier. You just need to show the operator your valid passport and the card itself. A few minutes later, the operator will tell you the balance of your card.
I need to know the status of the card account at home, you can use the service "Sberbank-online". For this purpose it is necessary to connect in the Bank. Then on the website of the savings Bank you will have access to your personal account.
Access to the office will receive with sent in SMS to your phone password. For this option you must have an active service "Mobile Bank". This service can be activated at any time using the options of the savings Bank or by filing the appropriate application to the operator of the Bank.
The function of the same services will help you anytime to check the status of your card account via a cell phone. The phone number must be exactly the one you specified when connecting to the service. For this purpose, special number listed in your manual under the service "Mobile Bank", send a request to release information about the account status. After a couple of minutes you will receive a reply SMS, which will contain the balance of the card of Sberbank.