Go to "Sberbank Online" to check the card balance via Internet (link is below). Login to your account carried out by login and password. If you have not registered the service, click on the link "Registration". In a designated field, enter the number of your Bank card. Next to your mobile phone number will come SMS message with your personal password. Enter the password on demand website. You will be redirected to a page to create a username and password to log in to Sberbank Online. When you are finished, you will get the opportunity to use the system at their discretion.
Note the personal data provided on the homepage of "Sberbank Online". Under the heading "Cards" will contain information on your active credit cards (name, part number and expiry date), including balance in rubles. Clicking on the link "Transactions" or the name of the map you will see a list of recently run actions with the account for the detailed control of the current balance.
If you urgently need to check the balance of the card of Sberbank, and the Internet is unavailable, use the option "Mobile banking", which automatically connects all clients of the organization. Send a text message to the number 900 in the text which write the word "BALANCE" and through the space last four digits of your card (front side). An automated response showing the balance will be sent to you immediately. If you need detailing current expenses, instead of the word "BALANCE" enter "HISTORY".
In the absence of the Internet and you have free time, you can check the card balance through the savings Bank nearest to your home ATM. Insert the card and enter the pin code. In the menu that appears select "Request balance", and then specify how it's displayed on screen or on the receipt. Also, learn the balance you can in any branch of Sberbank, referring to the free operator. This will require a passport. In addition, service is provided only in the absence of a close working ATMs and lack of customer online services Sberbank Online and Mobile Bank.