Ways to check the balance of your card account in the savings Bank are many. For example, the simplest and least used is to go to the Bank and refer to the operating employee. But people generally prefer to check your balance using an ATM where you can at the same time to print the check on recent transactions performed on the account.

To use the ATM is convenient, but more convenient method of determining the balance using SMS. To receive them it is necessary to make some preliminary actions.

How to make accessible information via SMS

When you receive a card in the savings Bank immediately try to connect a service called "Mobile Bank". In the contract specify the number of your mobile phone. After service activation, you no longer need to look for the nearest ATM to check the balance of a plastic card. "Mobile banking" - is a paid service, the basic package is a month for 30 rubles.

In order to connect this service, you need to go to the ATM and select the appropriate option. The phone number that you specify to connect to "Mobile banking" must be a confirmation in form of SMS.

As with SMS to know the balance of the card

To know your card balance without going to an ATM and access the Internet, send a SMS to number 900. In the message, specify letter code of the operation (BALANCE) or digital (01). After a set cipher command, press space and enter the last four digits of your card number. This manual must be strictly observed, otherwise the program will incorrectly perceive your message.

For example, if you do not do in the message space, it will be perceived by the Bank as a team to recharge the phone. But the consequences will not be – there is a certain limit for transactions carried out on the card. You will simply receive an SMS with a failure in the operation of the payment, but to get you are interested in operations, you will have to perform all the actions again. If you do it right, the Bank will notify you of the status of account via SMS.

To check the card account balance using the phone is possible only after the connected Mobile Bank. The message on the card balance will come to the number that you specified when you connected to the service, and not otherwise.