You will need
  • Passbook, plastic card, passport, telephone, computer with Internet access.
Probably the easiest way to know the amount of money in the account is to visit the Bank branch where the account was opened. To know the balance in another Bank branch, but withdraw funds if they are to passbook, it would be difficult, in particular at the time. Additionally, you will need a passport, a passbook or a plastic card needs to be opened in your name, and even the patience to queue up.
You probably noticed in many public places, ATM machines for withdrawing cash from the account of the cardholder. In addition to withdrawal of funds via ATM, you can check the balance on your account. As you know the PIN code you were given in the Bank when you receive a plastic card. Using a ATM can make individual payments to top up my phone balance, transfer money to another account.
Currently, more popular get the terminals for payment of services, they work with plastic cards and cash. To clarify the balance on the plastic card you need the PIN code, and using terminal you can pay utility bills, to pay off the loan. But another important feature of ATM is the ability to replenish the account with cash. The latest achievement in this area can be considered an ATM machine, combined with the terminal, but ATM this type currently is not enough.
Information and payment terminal
Who now to do without a phone? The cardholders who have activated the service "Mobile banking" is the ability to check the card account balance via SMS-messages, it needs to send a message with the text "BALANCE 12345", where 12345 is the last five digits of the card number on the phone number +79262000900. To find the balance, you can call the telephone 88005555550 need card number, passport data and a code word that you wrote in the application when opening your account.
Call and sending SMS
For Internet users there is another way to check the balance on the account. To use the service "Sberbank Online". To access this resource, go to the main website of Sberbank and follow the link on this resource. The password can be obtained by sending a message with the text "PASSWORD 12345" to the number +79262000900, and the user ID you will be informed in help service of the savings Bank at the number 88005555550, you will need a passport, cards and a code word. So you will get limited access to the service "Sberbank Online to gain full access, you will have to use the old-fashioned way: visit the Bank branch and apply for connection of service "Sberbank Online".
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