You will need
  • - a plastic Bank card
  • - mobile phone
  • - a computer with Internet connection
The most obvious way to check the balance to see it through the ATM. You need to find the section "my account", "Balance" or "Mini statement". At different banks, it is called differently, but always recognizable. There you will be able to see the number on the card moneydirectly on screen or obtain a printed receipt with the amount. In addition, some banks offer to find out and the last few transactions with the account. This method is the fact that to verify the account in any case have to find the nearest ATM.
Another way to always know your balance — SMS-informing. All or almost all banks provide this service and it costs very inexpensive. The essence of the service that the account is tied to your mobile phone number with any surgery with him this number comes to notice. Thus, it is sufficient to save all, or at least the last received SMS from the Bank and your current balance will always be stored in your phone. The disadvantage of this method is that it can be used only to obtain information about the status of the account, but not operate it.
The third way to check balance — mobile banking. In fact, it is a program that installs on Your computer, a certain way you synchronize with the account and lets you manage them from the comfort of home. With mobile banking you can not only view the current balance, and transfer money or pay via Internet services and products. However, if something happens to your computer, the program will have to install and sync again, but it's not every day reinstall the system, and the price for the convenience is not so great.