Visit one of the Bank branches. Bring a Bank card and passport. The operator will inform you detailed information for the account.
Check the status of the account via ATM/electronic terminal running the transaction "balance Inquiry".
If you have activated the service "Mobile Bank" - use it. Send from a mobile phone, which is registered in a service request ("01", then a space and the last 5 digits of the card number) to the number 900. Connect "Mobile banking" at any branch of the Bank (passport and card) through an electronic terminal or through the aid of the savings Bank by phone (495)500-00-05, (495)788-92-72, (800)200-3-747.
Connect the service "Sberbank Online" – you will be able not only to check the account, but to manage Bank cards via the Internet (for example, to make Bank transfers).
Check the account card of Sberbank by phone: + 7 (495) 500-00-05; + 7 (495) 788-92-72 - through a system of automated maintenance. You will need to dial the card number in full and three in the first symbol of the control information was specified by you in the application for a card). Using the tone mode phone (using #), you will be able to know the account status and order details of last ten transactions on the card by Fax, and block the card in case of loss or theft.