Find any ATM, and the best one that applies to your Bank where you were issued the card. Some other ATMs are not always informed about the balance of funds in the account. Insert the card and click on the option "Available balance". You can choose to display the sum on screen or print receipt.
Check balance credit card in the Internet Bank. After entering all the necessary data you will see not only the available funds that are currently on the map, but will be able to see the past write-offs, and the amount of recharge.
If you have a card tied to the phone, use SMS. Usually all the numbers to which messages are sent to learn the balance or pay service, the Bank gives you when you apply for the card. Send the right combination of words or the last digits of the card number and you will receive a reply SMS with information on available funds in the account.
If all the previous options do not suit you – please contact the branch of the Bank. Don't forget to bring your passport and the plastic card. After checking all the data will tell you the balance of your card and will give a full printout, if necessary.