You will need
  • - passport;
  • is a credit card.
Visit the nearest branch of Sberbank. Contact a window where service is available to individuals, and ask the operator to check the balance of your card. Give it to the operator and present your passport to confirm you are the card holder. Enter the pin number when necessary. The operator will tell you the amount that is in your account.
Use one of the ATMs. If you have no time to visit the Bank can use the ATM. Please note that the ATM must be "Sberbank", because the terminal of other Bank information on balancee of your card to provide you can't. Insert the card into the ATM and enter the pin code. Next select "Information and service" and "card Balance". After that, take the check, it you will see the amount that is on your account.
Connect the service "Mobile Bank". The first two months she is free and then your account will be charged every month a small amount (30 rubles for 2011). To find out the balance of your card, send an SMS with the number "01" and then without a space the last 5 digits of your card. In reply you will receive information about the status of your account.
Use the service "Sberbank online". To enable this feature, contact a Bank of consultants or activate it yourself via ATM. After connecting to Internet banking you will have a username and password from your personal account. Enter them on the website of Sberbank and you will be able to see the balance on his personal account.
Print the check, if you withdrew the money through ATM. After you specify the amount you wish to withdraw, you have the choice to print the receipt or not. If you click Yes, you will be able to see on the receipt how much money you withdrew and how much you have left on the map.