The easiest way to find out how much money on the card savings Bank, in a special ATM. This would require the card itself and the pin that you received in the envelope along with the plastic. The same operation can be done, if we turn to the statement in the savings Bank Department, but in this case, the employee may request and even a passport.
If you go outside you don't want, call the Bank toll-free number 88005555550. The automated system will prompt you to enter you card number with the telephone keys and follow the instructions. So you will be able to find the balance. In problematic situations, wait for the connection with a specialist help line.
Very easy to learn how much money on the card savings Bank, through a personal account. It is necessary to obtain the passwords to access via an ATM or by a specialist in the Department. To use your personal account, you should go to the website and enter the appropriate information.
If you have a smartphone, obtain information about the balance of the card of Sberbank it is possible in the application. For this you need to download and install previously connected service "mobile Bank".
To find out how much money on the card savings Bank, by sending an SMS to number 900 with the word "balance". In response you will receive a message with the balance on the card. The service works when connected to the mobile Bank.