You will need
  • card;
  • ATM;
  • - passport;
  • - telephone, fixed or mobile;
  • - computer and Internet access.
To check card via the ATM insert it into the machine. Enter the PIN and select check balanceand account (may be called differently, but the meaning is the same). Depending on the ATM, take the receipt with the printed amount or select to check its output or on the screen. Then select at its discretion the option of continuing to work or finish her and take the map.
During the personal visit to the Bank, show the teller your passport and a map and tell me what I wanted to know her balance.
The phone call center of the Bank specified on the reverse of the card and the website of the credit organization. Type it, if necessary, log in (often asked to enter the number of your card, some banks and then a password or other identifier) and follow the instructions of IVR or connect with the operator. If necessary, give him additional information to help identify you and to ask a question about the balancee account.
The same procedure and calling a short number in mobile banking. The mobile Bank users can get account information by SMS. The user number to send the message and the text query present in the documents received when connected to the service. Usually this information is on the website of the Bank.
To find out the balance on the card via the Internet, log in to Internet banking. If the desired information is not immediately visible, click on the link and, if necessary, click on the account card or link next to it.