You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - Bank plastic card;
  • - Internet;
  • computer.
On the mobile phone number that is connected to the Mobile banking service, type the SMS message. In the message body, specify the command to query the card balance and the last digits of a credit card.
Command to check card balance, write without quotes, uppercase beeches one of the words: BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE, OSTATOK, REST or simply just dial 01. Not all of these commands are suitable for correctly formed messages. If you write a message with the word, which is not suitable for a particular model phone, then it will get an answer on the wrong query. Each phone model encodes characters in their own way.
After writing the command, put a space, dot or hyphen Nonbreaking (this again depends on model of phone) and enter the last digits of the Bank card without quotes.
The dialed number last digits of card number – 4, 5, 6, or 7, is determined by joining the Bank cards to the service "Mobile Bank". Information on the number of digits required to send in requests comes in the message immediately after the connection of the plastic card to the service "Mobile Bank". If you specify the wrong number of digits, instead of to a Bank card balance, receive the answer on the wrong query.
After the text has been fully and properly formatted, send an SMS message to a cellular operator that provides the service "Mobile banking" together with the Bank. In the General case, send to 900. Not all phone models support this number. Then try to send a message to the number +7926200900 or +79165723900, depending on the mobile operator (MegaFon or MTS) providing the service "Mobile Bank".
After sending a message about viewing the balance, after a short time, will receive a mobile phone SMS-the answer is with the remainder of available funds personal Bank card that is connected to service "Mobile Bank".
You can check the card balance via mobile phone without sending SMS messages, if phone that supports Java applications, install an application "Mobile Bank". When logging into the application "Mobile banking" from the main menu select the item "Map" and then "Balance". The account balance is immediately displayed on the screen of the phone.