The first way to check the balance of Visa cards and several other cards, for example, MasterCard has an ATM. While it is best to use "native" ATM i.e. ATM of the Bank. Otherwise, such operation as checking accounts, ATM of another Bank may charge you a Commission without notifying the holder of the card. Once you have found your Bank's ATM insert the card into the card slot. Take a map so that designation of the VISA was under the thumb of your right hand. When you do this, otherwise the card simply will not fit into the hole.
After loading the card into the card slot, you must enter a secret pin code. Usually it consists of 4 digits that you need to know by heart. It is not recommended to keep code together with the card and especially never write your pin on the card itself.
After entering the pin code, select the screen function. Usually it's called "Check balance" or "Balance". The screen will display information about the status of the account card. Some ATM withdrawal receipt, which also shows the balance of the account.
The second method of checking the balance ofa Bank card is Internet banking. This service is provided by many banks and allows you to view information about the customer's account via the Internet. Internet banking rarely connects automatically - usually you need to contact the Bank, the holder of a card where you are. Or will need to apply for a new card, an option Internet banking which is already installed by default.
To view information about the balance on the map, you should find the category of "Internet banking" or "Internet Bank" the Bank's website and enter a room cardand the secret pin code (sometimes the special pin-2 issued by the Bank when you connect this service). The connection happens through a special encryption over HTTPS, so the data about the number of the card and its pin code will not get anywhere.