You will need
  • Mobile phone, Internet or ATM, a plastic card or the card number, pin-code.
To check the balance of a Bank card in several ways. One of them is to check the balance via self-service terminals. To check the balance enough to go to the ATM, insert card, enter pin, select the appropriate menu (query the balance , or requesting account balance) and wait until you print the check list the account balance.
Also you can check the balance via the mobile banking system. Many lending institutions (banks) provide this service. Its meaning is that the phone number is "attached" to the cardholder's account number, and sms requests you can make some list of operations with the card. Each Bank provides a range of services, to read it and to connect this service in any branch of the Bank or on the Bank's website. The only difference between the package of services through mobile from ATM or Internet Bank, is that these services are chargeable. Monthly from the client's account will be charged a certain amount of money for using the service.Using a mobile phone to check the balance of just enough, it is necessary to be connected to the mobile banking service and to know which combination of symbols or numbers should be sent to a specific shortcode. In response you will receive sms message indicating the balance on the card account.
To check the balance on the card you can with the help of the Internet. But not all banks provide such opportunities, because no one can ensure complete safety online channels. In order to adjust the accounts on the cards over the Internet, you must register the card on the Bank website. The binding is done once, and after that the user has a personal account on the Bank's website, where you can make transactions with cards, not leaving the house.To check the balance via the Internet, simply log into your account on the Bank's website and select the appropriate menu (the account balance or the balance of the card). The screen shows the amount remaining in the account.
The last way to check balance is the call to the operator Bank. In this procedure, you simply call the telephone hotline of the Bank (see the Bank's website or contact any branch), to inform the surname, name, middle name, card number (if several accounts) and secret word (specified in the documentation for the map), and the operator will tell the account balance.