For this you need to call directly to the office of the Federal migration service in which you served the documents. However, in view of the large number of applicants, to operators often do not get through, so it's easier and more efficient to use the Internet.
Today the official website of the Federal migration service allows anyone to access an automated service verification of readiness document. To do this, register on the website and opening an automated system, enter your data rows of a passport or birth certificate of the child, this will tell you if passport. If the system prompts you to repeat the operation later, the documents are still under consideration.
Similarly, you can check the period of validity of the passport, only for information enter the details of a valid passport.
It is important to remember that the system is not updated as regularly as I would like, so it makes sense to check it more often than once a week.
But if your passport is not listed in the database, don't worry, most likely, he's just not been entered into the database or is the validation in the software package. The new system, though not running as fast as I would like, but is completely safe and provides no additional information about the passport holder. Yet the automated system is a pilot project, so for timely information it is better to communicate with employees of the Federal migration service on the phone.