If you have ordered a passport, but do not yet have them, its readiness can be checked by contacting them directly at the address in the branch Office. This method of verification can be considered one of the best, as doubt it will be no. It is desirable to have the list of required documents and choose the working hours when such establishments are not so many people. Sometimes these cases are issued a special pass that allows you to bypass the long queue.
Also for this purpose you can use an answering machine, which allows to get more detailed information about the readiness of this document. Not to stand in queues OVIR in vain in order to find out whether a passport, it is recommended to use it this way. However, the accuracy of the information leaves much to be desired, as the information base can be updated in time.
Official website of the Federal migration service allows you to verify the readiness of the passport. In this case, you need to pass only a fairly easy check, where the future the user specifies his personal data and contact information. After that, the service readiness passport will be opened. In this case, you need to have your 10-digit code that must be entered in a special field.
Some Ovirs running system, which alert citizens regarding the readiness of their passports. The phone number will be sent notice advising them that their document is ready and can be picked up.
One of the proven ways of determining the availability of the passport can be considered a call to the migration service, thus can greatly save their time, which leaves not a little, if you remember the hike in the visa office and a long standing in long queues.
At this time the opportunity to find out the status of your own passport a large number, and anyone can choose the most appropriate, that it will be completely satisfied. With the preparation of this document is to define how you will test its readiness.