Advice 1: How to check the passport series and

A passport is every citizen of our country. This is the basic document for identification in Russia. You need it in banks, universities, hospitals and wherever possible. Without it you can not start a savings account, you will not be able to get a job, and the apartment you rent will not either. And one of the most necessary passport data are the number and series. So the question is, how can they know where to look, very popular.
How to check the passport series and
To find the number, go to your passport page with your photo.
Turn the passport in a counterclockwise direction. After that, numbers are printed on the side of the passportwill be in a horizontal position.
The first four digits, for example "02 06" is a series of the passport. The rest, say "564312" - his room.
Code "02" in this case means a region of the Russian Federation that issued the passport. And the code is "06" meets year when it was printed the form of the passport (usually the same as the year of issue). The last six digits of the personal number of your document.
A series and passport number are also listed at the bottom of each subsequent page after the photo.
Useful advice
In the passport the first two digits is his series, the other seven.

Advice 2 : How to find out passport number

The passport is the main document certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation. It contains information about surname, name and patronymic of the person, and the date and place of birth, place of registration, marital status and underage children. On the first page of the passport contain information about the date and place of issue and the authority which issued the document. Each passport has an individual room, not repeated in any other document. To learn number of the passport can be on the first page.
How to find out passport number
Open the first and second pages of the passportwhere a photograph. The facing pages are covered with a special transparent film, so that others cannot make changes to the data shown here. On passportsx modern sample film has a holographic pattern.
Rotate the passport 90° so that the picture was at the bottom. In the upper part there are three sets of numbers. The first two groups (two digits) is a series of the passport. The last group (six digits) is the number of the passport.
On other pages of the passport (if flipping it in the same position) the series and number of passport will be indicated below in the form of figures carved out of round holes. To read the number of the passport from the other pages a bit more complicated.
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