The registration of a foreign passport today empowered to deal only with the migration service, diplomatic passports can produce more and the foreign Ministry, but the number of persons receiving services, of course, very limited. Accordingly, the information about the queues in the FMS is not exaggerated, because in addition to that several years ago Russia refused passports "old" model in favor of a biometric. And if before the document did three days, now a month.

Faced with the onslaught of citizens, the FMS was first introduced magazines appointment, then as an experiment, electronic Queuing, and in 2008 and did, thanks to the support of the government, created the Portal of public services.

Today to sign up for registration of passports of new generation is possible:
by phone,
through departmental websites
through the Internet

Online entry

In fairness I must say that prior online registration is not available in all subjects, and the phone works poorly. There are several reasons. First, savvy citizens have realized that to write you need to call only the name and choose the time, to establish the identity of the caller within the competence of the staff of the division on registration of foreign passports is not included, and therefore nothing prevents the sign a few times, and then sell the place wishing.

Second, realize the electronic part so that it was integrated with the Internet all extremely difficult and expensive. Such projects have implemented only the capital of the Department. For recording you need to log on to the website of the office of the region where you will obtain a passport, select the tab "Service" or "appointment" and fill out the form by typing name, date of birth, service type, and choose from the suggested time for a visit.

Website public services

To apply for a passport through the portal of public Services, you need to have it registered. For this form the personal account, and the username and password are activated using a code that RTK (site administrator) sends a registered letter.

After registration becomes available a set of services, not only through the FMS. You need to select the tab "Services FMS", hereinafter "Registration of a foreign passport". You will be prompted to fill out a form for a document, enter have personal information, data on work experience, as well as on previously issued passports. Only after this e-mail will receive an invitation to the reception to the employee of the FMS. At the same time taking you do not have to choose, will define it for you. If it is not convenient to transfer or change will not succeed.