You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the money for the payment of a fee;
  • - a military ID.
If you are not in the city where you plan to apply for a passport, be sure to fill out paperwork for the Federal migration service (FMS) beforehand. To do this, take application forms from the official website of the FMS of Russia. They are laid out in the section "documents". Print the required form in duplicate. Complete the part that is designed for you - the name, passport details, the purpose of the receipt of the document, place of work and study over the past ten years. Under "Address" enter your actual coordinates, if you live at a residence. Then pass both copies of the questionnaire in your organisation where it needs to assure.
Find the office nearest office of the FMS of Russia. It doesn't matter where you are registered or actually live - the documents you are required to take in any Department. In some cities provided an appointment for the document submission. Choose a time to visit you can on the website of the Federal migration service in your area.
Please contact the office of the FMS with General civil passport, questionnaires, military card and birth certificates of children if you want them to fit in your passport. Also, you must have a receipt of payment of the state fee. If the application is filled in correctly, you will accept it. If you submit your application for a passport in the wrong place, where you are registered, the registration document may take three months instead of the standard one. This is due to the fact that the FMS have to request the data in another city.
To monitor the readiness of the passport, you can also use the website of the regional Department of the FMS. To do this, remember the ticket number, which will inform the employee when submitting documents. Then click "Check readiness passport" on the website of the FMS. If he is ready, the application number in the appropriate category.
If after three months the site did not appear any information, contact the FMS personally to know how things are going with the design of your document.