You will need
  • • The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and a copy of all its pages
  • • INN
  • • SNILS (pension insurance certificate
  • • personal email address (e-mail)
  • • personal mobile phone number
  • • old passport (if available)
  • • employment record book, extract from it or a certificate of employment (certified copy)
  • • 4 photos 35 x 45 mm (in standard form)
  • • this is a picture recorded on digital media
  • • receipt about payment of state duty (1,000 rubles)
  • • for pensioners: original work-book and pension certificate
  • • proof of student status (if currently studying)
  • • certificate (if over the last 10 years was school)
  • • diploma of education (if within the last 10 years has been study)
  • • document of change of name (if in the last 10 years was a change)
  • • military ID for military service)
  • • a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office (for male from 18 to 27 years, not served)
  • • birth certificate and a picture of your kids, if You want to enter information about children in the passport
Sign up on the portal http://www.gosuslugi.ruenter all the required information, INN, SNILS, enter an active e-mail and the number of enabled mobile phone, enter all of the required verification codes. * Wait for the email with the activation code via the "Mail of Russia" (3 and 14 days depending on where you live).
While waiting for the email with the code then visit the shop and take 4 photos for a passport (in accordance with the requirements Be sure to write down photos on a flash drive or CD, photos must be in JPEG format with size up to 300 KB.
Take a look at the website of the regional Department of the Federal migration service (FMS), copy and print the details for payment of state duty for issuance of passport proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation (1000 rubles). Pay legal costs in any Bank branch, save the ticket. Don't forget to take a Bank passport.
Make photocopies of the necessary documents according to the list. Order your on the job a certified copy of employment record.
After receiving a letter with an activation code, enter it on the portal under "my account" Log in to "my account"; choose the sub-category "passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation who have reached 18 years of age" in the category "Citizenship, registration, visa and fill in all the fields of the form; attach a photo; save the application to your computer and send it for review by pressing the "send" button. Once you submit the application within days to your e-mail will receive a message about acceptance of the application for consideration. Application status can be tracked through "my account".
Receiving an electronic message with an invitation to come to the Federal migration service to obtain a passport, make a test call to the FMS and check the time of admission. Going for a passport, once again carefully check all the necessary documents and their copies.