You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - SNILS;
  • INN.
Go to the website of the state services of the Russian Federation. Click on the "register" button. Read the terms and conditions of the user agreement, confirm the processing of your personal data.
Now fill in the questionnaire. Enter your personal information, the insurance pension certificate, your date of birth, and INN. Then install the required plugin. To do this, click on the "run". Your browser will start downloading, after which it is required to install downloaded file to your computer. To access the plug-in public services requires a password, which you can obtain by post or through service offices of OJSC "Rostelecom".
Enter your email address and mobile phone number. For these contacts will receive message with the access code to your personal Cabinet. Write the required numbers in the confirmation box.
After the filing of an application for registration in the portal, the activation code you receive in the mail if you entered the address of your place of residence, or at the nearest office of OJSC "Rostelecom".
When you receive a response to the request on obtaining of the passport in the form of a letter, enter the activation code. Then fill in the form, pay the state fee (a receipt print out from the official website of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation).
Come to the office of the FMS of Russia and present the original documents: passport of the Russian Federation of the old international passport (if available), INN and the pension certificate. If you wish to obtain a biometric identity card valid for the territory of the Russian Federation, take a photo directly in the FMS of the Russian Federation.
Then you will call for you to put a personal signature on the application form, sent via the Internet. Now everything is ready, wait for registration of the passport. Usually it takes a period of one month. Get a new document proving your identity outside of Russia.