First and foremost, before you start processing the passport through public services, it is necessary to go to shop and take pictures. The photographer can say that the photo need for passport. They know all requirements and make all the rules. In this case, you must have the photographer e-version of the picture, because she will need when filling out the questionnaire on the website and the paper version – for delivery of documents to the FMS. Electronic photos should be in JPEG format and its size should not exceed 300Kb. The photo in the passport, made a special camera to FMS.

So when everything is ready, you can start filling in the questionnaire on the website of public services.<url>. The first step would be to consent to the processing of personal data. You must then select from the list the office of the FMS in accordance with the residence where you will receive the passport. You then fill in your personal data: name, date and place of birth, place of registration etc. When you hover the cursor over any field prompt showing the examples, they can greatly aid in the design documents.

The next step is to fill in the passport data: series, number, when and by whom the document was issued, etc. Also at this step is filled with the goal of obtaining passport and answered some questions regarding the identity of the citizen, the nature of his work.

The next stage is one of the most difficult. It appears the majority of errors. It is necessary to provide data on labour activity during the last 10 years. The dates are accurate to the month. If the beginning of that period falls on the period of study, such as the Institute, the first line must indicate the month and year of commencement of study at this institution and date of graduation. Then, identification data on official places of work, records of which are in the workbook. If the break in employment lasted more than a month, it is also necessary to specify. If you have the hands of the old passport should be stamped.

Next comes the turn electronic pictures. You must download it, after which it will be attached to the application form. Then click "Apply". After that, the email sender within 1-2 days, should come in notice of the change of status application. At first it will be put in the General queue, and then transferred to the portal of the FMS. After that, the application will either be accepted, or if there were errors, return. Existing errors will be indicated. At the same time to fill in the questionnaire have from the very beginning, so your notes when filling, it is best to save to your computer.

If the application is accepted, we will mail the invitation to appear in the FMS with a set of documents: application, passport copy, 3 photographs, receipt of payment of state duty, information on labor and extract from the work book. The application for issuance of the passport with information about the labour activities can be downloaded from the website of FMS. Data it should be identical to those that have been entered in electronic form. To fill out an application form should be in capital letters. Then it is necessary to assure at work

After all documents are collected, you can go to migration office to submit documents and to be photographed. This procedure should not take more than 10 minutes in the presence of a separate office for reception of citizens submitting documents through the portal.
After 1-2 months, the post office should receive notification of the readiness passport. In order to get it you need to bring a normal passport, which will be marked on the results.

As can be seen in how to issue a passport through public services, many of their nuances, and this method is not much simpler than usual. However, it allows you to avoid long queues and save time.