You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the number and series of passport or birth certificate of a child under 14;
  • phone.
Can I track the status of your passport on the website of the regional Department of the Federal migration service of the Federation in which you took the documents. For this purpose there is a special online service. Search through our database of documents is carried out on the series and number of the internal passport or the birth certificate of the child up to 14 years.
Go to the website of your regional UFMS. The link to the service readiness passports can be right there. Otherwise, look for it in the "E-services", "Online services" and the like.
On the opened page you will see two forms required for the verification of the internal passport and birth certificate. Depending on the situation, select and enter the series and number of the document in their intended field.
Click on the "Check out". If your passport is in operation, the service will give you the information at what stage is the process.
To know the phone number which provides information about readiness of the passport, you can also visit the website of your regional UFMS.

If the division of the FMS, which produced a document posted lists with the data of the people whose passport is ready for distribution, you must come and see the necessary information about yourself.