You will need
  • - passport of the Russian Federation;
  • - old passport if available;
  • - photo;
  • - the statement;
  • - copy of work record card certified in the accounting Department;
  • - a military ID.
To prepare the necessary documents original and passport copy of the passport, if it is, employment record, paid receipt, military ID for males from 18 to 27 years old, 4 colored photos 3,5x4,5. Must be a temporary registration in Moscow, whose term is valid for another 4 months.
Acceptance of documents for obtaining a passport from the persons having temporary registration in Moscow, 5 July 2013 conducts the FMS of Russia at the address: Novoslobodskaya St., 45V. To know the work of the specialists and to hear the answers to questions by phone +7 (495) 995 44 30.
The state duty for the passport of the old sample is 1000 R. the new electronic media — 2500 R. To 14 years, respectively, 300 and 1200 R. p. the Time of manufacture of the passport for non-residents is approximately 4 months. Such a period for sending a request to the Federal migration service at the permanent address registration, collection and verification of information. For biometric passports need to be photographed in the office of the Federal migration service. Photo done when you receive the documents.
To receive the international passport through the Internet-a portal of state services Today it is slowly gaining momentum, because many do not have time to stand in queues. For the administration of applications for obtaining the necessary document need to register in the portal. This will require a number SNILS and the activation code that comes in the mail or given away in Rostelecom offices. After registration you can fill out an application for a passport. Need a photo for the criteria to send along with the application. After the data processing, on the electronic address will receive an invitation to the division FMS to photograph in the biometric passport. Then I'll have to take and show the originals and copies of the required documents. Through the portal you can monitor the readiness passport. If he is willing to box will receive a notification.
Many agencies in Moscow offer their services on registration of passports for foreign residents of the capital. In many of these agencies the deadline of obtaining a passport is reduced from 4 months to 1 month. They also offer services to get the document without temporary residence registration in Moscow. To obtain the treasured passport without registration is impossible. The Agency should choose good reputation, positive reviews and many years of work in this area.