You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone.
Subject to availability, to learn about the availability of visa through Internet link to the service is present on the Consulate's website (often in the visa of the visa application centre if there is one. The search can be carried out on the basis of the consulates or the center or a single database with information about visas of interest to countries around the world (e.g., on server her MFA).
To login requires indentificator, depending on the specific Consulate or visa application centre. This can be a passportand in combination with the name and surname of the owner (normally must be typed in Latin letters) or without the code on the receipt on reception of documents or the receipt of payment of the consular fee, the username and password you used to register when filling in visa application forms online, etc.
In any case, after entering the requested data and click on the appropriate button, the system will display the information you want.
If the Consulate or visa application center provides this information by telephone (not possible in all foreign missions) - number is usually listed on the website of the consular post or the visa application centre and is accompanied by instructions concerning identification when you call.
The phone can also be specified on the document issued by the Consulate or visa application center after passing the package to the visa.
In this case you need to call, introduce themselves, if necessary, call IDs and ask about the readiness of the visa.
Some consulates a list of ready visas can be posted on the front door or on the stand next to her. In this case, you must come to the Consulate by the time the visa need to be ready and look for my name in the list (usually they are presented in alphabetical order, but can be formed and the date of visa application processing).