Actually, to correct the handwriting the better the problem is simple and has many solutions.

1. The copy method. This method is used in school when teaching writing to children. The method is simple. Take a sample that serves you as a standard and just repeatedly overwrite the letters and then whole words and sentences. The main requirement is regularity, regularity and regularity again! As practice shows, it is not difficult, if you to give this lesson for an hour a day to train constantly, always try to write like that, about a month later the results appear. The month is high, everything happens faster.

2. A method of anger management. Also time-tested methods, but requires more time because not many people practiced meditation, or other practices of work with consciousness. So, you will need to master relaxation is essential. Lying on back (legs and arms not crossed), focus on the muscles of the body. Call throughout the body a feeling of heaviness and heat. A detailed description of the methods of auto-training is easy to find on the Internet. After achieving deep relaxation imagine that you are the person whose handwriting is the best. And then, just imagine that it (i.e. you!) writing a letter – the most beautiful, clear handwriting! Just watch. After a week, your writing will begin to improve spontaneously in a better way. Most of the forces will have to spend on the acquisition of auditory training. Some takes a week or two, others for about a month.

3. The method of NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming arose relatively recently, but managed to establish itself as a highly efficient system that improves the quality of education. Simple techniques to improve the efficiency of learning new skills and improving old, as required in our case. The most simple exercise. Sit in a chair. Relax, close your eyes. Imagine in front of a screen is divided into two parts. On both you see yourself – writing a letter. On the left you will learn old handwriting. On the right you write very beautifully and clearly. You should hear the creaking of the pens, to see and hear. And now take a look closely. On the left (or Vice versa) the image is dimmer. Sounds, if you have muted. Your task is to correct the image quality. Imagine that you, like on an old TV, tweak settings. Make sure on the desired picture and the sound was louder, and the brightness is higher. Practice in the course of a week or two, and then improving all the notice.

It's not all of the methods. But using these techniques, you are guaranteed within a month.