Advice 1: How to change your handwriting

In order to change your handwriting, you will need to retrain the accumulated years of a motility of a hand under a new manner. In its complexity it remind you of the years of elementary school with the difference that the formation of handwriting will now go much faster.
How to change your handwriting
Find a handwriting sample that you like. If a suitable style of writing has one of your friends, ask them to write a small text, which would date the maximum number of letters of the alphabet and a variety of prepositions and words. However, if you just want to change your handwriting for the better, and not make it look like a stranger, as in sample and standard letters can use division to elementary school.
Of course, now it is not so will be important the position of your body at the Desk, as it was in high school, but, nevertheless, not to spoil posture and spine, try to keep your back straight and do not lean on the writing hand. Ideally, if it turns out to keep the angle between the arm and forearm the hands at 90 degrees. In this position is written easier and freer. Don't forget that elbow writing hand must fully lie on the table and not hang down, otherwise you will spend additional efforts to hold the weight, and handwriting will suffer.
Every day spend some time developing a new handwriting. Filling recipe, take the time to accurately and thoroughly observe all details: various hooks, lines, and connecting the letters of the elements. If you have the eyes of a sample of the handwriting of another person, carefully consider the basic elements that make up the letters. Try to understand the effect of depression and other signs, from which point begins the writing of each letter and where it ends. Play on a sheet of paper single letters, and then some words. If desired, top with thin paper through which shows through the written word, so that they could trace. Start with slow excretion of letters and gradually bring your writing to the original source, which you learn.
To change your handwriting, try at first to write with a pencil, as graphite glide more easily over the paper than a ballpoint pen and you will be able to print the letter corresponding to the sample. As soon as you feel like you've fixed the muscular memory of the hand, go back to ballpoint pen and try to write your new, improved handwriting.

Advice 2 : How to learn quickly and to write beautifully

Some people believe that the author's skill is a gift from nature, and people either have this gift from birth, or did not possess at all. But what about those who want to learn how to write beautiful, literate and fun lyrics, not having the innate skills? Actually, everyone is able to learn how to write original and high-quality to Express their thoughts. In order to further your writing could be of interest to potential readers, follow the simple tips.
How to learn quickly and to write beautifully
The first tip is very simple – the more you read good books, the better you will be to develop the ability to beautiful, easily and clearly Express their thoughts and translate them into an art form. Read more – it will expand your horizons, increase vocabulary, and allow you to feel more different manners, belonging to different writers.
It is best to read the classics, as well as books by contemporary authors, internationally recognized as models of style and original plot. Choose to read novels and stories written by bright, literate and stylish language. The more you read, the more you will develop a sense of literary style. Besides art, read scientific literature which deals about the art of creative writing. Some theoretical data would be very useful if you resolve to learn to write beautifully.
Another tip is that you should be well practiced before you start any new text that was the plan. Always make a plan of future publication – this will allow you to structure thoughts and ideas, to spread them out, sort them, determine what you will say in the beginning of the article, and that – in the end. Your text should describe the place of action, the reasons for this action, the action itself and finally the consequences or the conclusions of your.
Learn how to correctly and logically build their texts to be beautiful and interesting. Do not deviate from the main topic about which you are writing, and don't go overboard with complex terms and long sentences. Write concisely and try to speak only about the main thing, avoiding minor and unimportant points.
Strive to maximize meaningfulness and completeness in a small volume of the finished article, the modern readers prefer short and don't like to spend a lot of time reading certain texts.
Follow the purity of the language. Do not use in the texts of colloquial and warlike vocabulary, write a stylistically correct, follow the rules of grammar and spelling. Hold in the text, removed the author's position, but it does not highlight your own opinion as the only truth, don't try to preach or condemn readers and avoid offending. The text should be beautiful, gentle and simple, attracting the attention of any person.
Avoid excessive repetition of interjections and pronouns "I" and tautology. Below the text there are no redundant words (tautologies), look for words synonyms and make sentences without repetition. Finally, in order for training to be effective, regular practice – create a blog and constantly post it notes, communicating with readers and watching their reaction to your texts.

Advice 3 : How to improve handwriting

Progress, as we know, does not stand still and every year there are more and more devices, designed to simplify people's lives. Such devices include computers. With their help, people type a huge number of texts, gradually unaccustomed to writing them manually. The result is handwriting spoils and need a lot of work to improve it or to return it to its former beauty.
How to improve handwriting
You will need
  • - handwritten texts by famous writers;
  • - a computer Word;
  • - clean notebook;
  • - marker/pen/pencil.
To start think about how you would like to see your handwriting. Explore the different fonts and handwritten texts by famous writers. Pay attention to features of writing in the elegance of the handwriting of people who lived in the days when there were no typewriters, no computers, and each letter written by hand.
Get a special notebook for training and choose the most convenient tools for writing. It can be a pen, pen with thin or thick core, a simple pencil. Even if you don't plan to use them daily, just to practice some time. They will help you come up with and add to the handwriting of new artistic features.
Practise writing individual words and sentences until you will be able to create different forms and shapes. Try the cursive form of writing sentences, work on painting.
Ask the person whose handwriting you like, write some large text on a sheet of paper. Slowly try to rewrite it on a clean sheet, trying to display every letter. Can add some decals, change the inclination of text, etc.
Can also cut around each word on a sheet with text. This should be done slowly and carefully, repeating every contour of the letters so as not to go beyond the line. Practice this several times.
There are special schools in which are taught to write beautifully, so if you will not be able to improve your own handwriting and have the required amount of money, you can ask for help to the professionals.
Useful advice
Try not to get too much pressure on the pen while writing text.

Try to write with a fountain pen. This, of course, is not very convenient, but it makes display every letter.

Don't be lazy and exercise in any free time for you, the more you practice – the better the result.

Advice 4 : To change the handwriting - really?

Have a good handwriting is also a skill of its kind. One is just because they so effortlessly create a calligraphic record, the other right hand – the result of hard work.
To change the handwriting - really?


Formation of handwriting, ability to write letters occurs in elementary school – that's when the first teacher prints the chalk on the Board sticks and squiggles, the technique faces which are trying to master yesterday's kindergartners. Turns out not at all. The reasons for this mass. For example, restlessness, impatience, lack of effort, etc. In the end, immature ugly handwriting, which in subsequent years will be to scold the teacher. However, do not despair: even an adult when you have a great desire and patience can fix the handwriting, if not brought to perfection, then at least significantly improve.

It is sufficient to follow a few rules. First, the success in improving handwriting starts with a well-organized workplace. Before class, prepare a Desk for your child or your own. The surface must be flat and smooth, is wide enough that your elbows are not hanging.

Secondly, there are special tracing, which collected samples of calligraphic lettering. And even if you're long out of childhood, use them.

Thirdly, the common reason for wrong ugly handwriting is a wrong location of the fingers on the handle. It is important to know that a ballpoint pen have to hold with three fingers: thumb, index and middle. The only way. By the way, and the tool – handle – also plays a role. The hand should be comfortable and convenient to keep it. Be prepared that you will need to experiment with different pens. Believe me, with the new version of the handwriting will vary.

If you are with your baby, it is best to show him how to write a particular letter. He repeats after you.

Of course, this algorithm requires a lot of time and perseverance. But the result is sure to be, and you will be able beautifully to sign documents, fill out forms, write a greeting in a postcard.


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