Find a handwriting sample that you like. If a suitable style of writing has one of your friends, ask them to write a small text, which would date the maximum number of letters of the alphabet and a variety of prepositions and words. However, if you just want to change your handwriting for the better, and not make it look like a stranger, as in sample and standard letters can use division to elementary school.
Of course, now it is not so will be important the position of your body at the Desk, as it was in high school, but, nevertheless, not to spoil posture and spine, try to keep your back straight and do not lean on the writing hand. Ideally, if it turns out to keep the angle between the arm and forearm the hands at 90 degrees. In this position is written easier and freer. Don't forget that elbow writing hand must fully lie on the table and not hang down, otherwise you will spend additional efforts to hold the weight, and handwriting will suffer.
Every day spend some time developing a new handwriting. Filling recipe, take the time to accurately and thoroughly observe all details: various hooks, lines, and connecting the letters of the elements. If you have the eyes of a sample of the handwriting of another person, carefully consider the basic elements that make up the letters. Try to understand the effect of depression and other signs, from which point begins the writing of each letter and where it ends. Play on a sheet of paper single letters, and then some words. If desired, top with thin paper through which shows through the written word, so that they could trace. Start with slow excretion of letters and gradually bring your writing to the original source, which you learn.
To change your handwriting, try at first to write with a pencil, as graphite glide more easily over the paper than a ballpoint pen and you will be able to print the letter corresponding to the sample. As soon as you feel like you've fixed the muscular memory of the hand, go back to ballpoint pen and try to write your new, improved handwriting.