For classical writing letters, use special they are. Typically, these notebooks are first-graders learning to capitalize letters. Also buy books on learning calligraphy, and correct writing. Exercise in the form of writing passages from different stories every day, devoting several hours to writing. Over time your hand will get used to output correctly outlined letters. But do not rush to immediately jump into writing complex sentences. For starters, get familiar with the alphabet, with special attention and care to write each letter.
Hire a tutor for learning calligraphy handwriting. Sometimes self-study material on the books is not enough, because you need to have a professional assess your efforts are appreciated. Perhaps you feel that you have reached a certain skill (handwriting has become clear to others more than before), but it actually turns out that there is still a long way to improve writing. Minor letters, the correct holding pen at the correct slant on all of this and more will be able to choose only professional calligraphy handwriting.
Visit lessons art and drawing. Learn how to draw, even to draw geometric shapes freehand to draw the correct shape of the circle. Over time you will fill your hand and your handwriting will be transformed beyond recognition, in a good way. You can often hear that the ability to draw is an innate skill, but as you know, if there is an overwhelming desire to learn something, you will need it!
Buy kid's coloring, which can not only zakrashivaet figures, but dashes them to finish. So you will learn the exact note the dotted line into a solid, that will be useful in deriving the letter of letters consisting of vertical lines as letters "d", "R", "C", etc.