Advice 1: How to learn to write calligraphy

Many parents are unhappy that their children write ugly, sloppy. However, parents frequently do not know how to write in calligraphy handwriting. However, it is never too late to learn: you need to try, and then you can be proud of the beauty of his handwriting.
How to learn to write calligraphy
First you need to learn how to sit correctly when writing. At first it will not be easy, but then the correct body position when writing will become a habit. So, sit up straight, keep shoulders back and torso straight, slightly tilt your head forward, lean back on the chair. Do not tilt the torso forward and do not lean breast on the table! Do not place one foot on another, better, bend both knees at a right angle, ensure that the feet touch the floor. Put your hands on the table, leaning on them. Elbows must be behind the edge of the countertop.
Once you learn to sit correctly, also learn to hold a pen. Surprisingly, not all adults properly hold a pen when writing. Someone incorrectly taught to write as a child, and someone eventually retrained myself. In any case, you need to practice a little. The handle should be put on the left side of the middle finger, the index finger holding it from the top and a large bottom. The distance from the index finger to the tip of the handle should be about 1.5-2.5 cm Fingers should be neither too relaxed nor too tense. When writing, the hand should not hang in the air, but to rely on Littlefinger.
Learning to sit correctly and hold a pen, take several samples of writing and practice. Don't try to write entire words and sentences, first, learn how to draw a smooth and beautiful lines, to write individual letters and bundles and only then – the words. Do not attempt to write quickly, speed writing will come with time.
Once you learn how to write beautiful handwriting, slowly and carefully bringing the letters, start to gradually increase the speed of writing. Write dictation, train at least 10-20 minutes each day, then you will certainly achieve great results.

Advice 2 : How to learn calligraphy writing

One of the objectives of elementary school is to teach children to write calligraphy, but even not all adults possess this skill. To learn how to write calligraphy can be using certain rules.
How to learn calligraphy writing
For a start, take the right body position. To do this, sit up straight in a chair, his head slightly tilt forward. If you're right handed, put your left hand on the table and move it to the part of the body weight, at the same time hold that hand paper. If you are left handed, move the fulcrum on the right arm. The hand that you write should barely touch the table surface.
Take a writing tool – a pen or stylus - handed. With your thumb press the handle to the nail phalanx of the middle finger. The index slightly bend and hold the top handle. Keep writing instrument in the hand without stress.
The remaining two fingers relax and unfold - too much tension in them will interfere with the smooth movements of the hands. Check the correct position of the handle with the other hand pull it out for the top end. If it slides freely, it means you're doing it right.
Start training in calligraphic writing letters, spending on paper, free-form lines. First write angle of 30 degrees, then angle at 45 and 90 degrees. It is important to learn to keep the tilt at a given angle. Consistency: you need to write only top down and from left to right.
Practice writing the letter "o", every line spend at one time and accurately connect abutting line. It is necessary to write rounded characters. At the time of writing do not change the position of the hand, as the angle can change.
Learn how to write a strictly vertical strokes. When writing the bar do not depend on the previous one, if he changed the angle of the line strokes can be tilted. Follow the breath, and touches of paint on the exhale. Avoid too fast and too slow movements, choose a convenient rhythm of writing.

Calligraphy writing requires a certain determination from the author, and is the result of persistent training.
The first time you do the exercises slowly and methodically, the speed increase is a natural process.
Useful advice
To write difficult letters gradually move as soon as you master the technique of simple exercises.
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