Formation of handwriting, ability to write letters occurs in elementary school – that's when the first teacher prints the chalk on the Board sticks and squiggles, the technique faces which are trying to master yesterday's kindergartners. Turns out not at all. The reasons for this mass. For example, restlessness, impatience, lack of effort, etc. In the end, immature ugly handwriting, which in subsequent years will be to scold the teacher. However, do not despair: even an adult when you have a great desire and patience can fix the handwriting, if not brought to perfection, then at least significantly improve.

It is sufficient to follow a few rules. First, the success in improving handwriting starts with a well-organized workplace. Before class, prepare a Desk for your child or your own. The surface must be flat and smooth, is wide enough that your elbows are not hanging.

Secondly, there are special tracing, which collected samples of calligraphic lettering. And even if you're long out of childhood, use them.

Thirdly, the common reason for wrong ugly handwriting is a wrong location of the fingers on the handle. It is important to know that a ballpoint pen have to hold with three fingers: thumb, index and middle. The only way. By the way, and the tool – handle – also plays a role. The hand should be comfortable and convenient to keep it. Be prepared that you will need to experiment with different pens. Believe me, with the new version of the handwriting will vary.

If you are with your baby, it is best to show him how to write a particular letter. He repeats after you.

Of course, this algorithm requires a lot of time and perseverance. But the result is sure to be, and you will be able beautifully to sign documents, fill out forms, write a greeting in a postcard.